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Parent/Guardian Info Collection Form FREEBIE!

Today, I'm sharing another great Google Form template that I use every year. This Google Form is used to collect information from my students' parents/guardians. The beauty of using this form is that it can automatically populate a Google Sheet with the responses. From there, you can easily manipulate the information within the Google Sheet.

If you use Google Classroom, this little gem becomes supercharged! Once you collect parent/guardian emails, simply copy & paste them into your G-CRs to populate your parent guardian summaries email list. These emails are basically a summary of the student's progress in your class or at least, their progress with any assignments you have posted on G-CR. And GOOGLE EMAILS IT FOR YOU! All you need to do is populate the parent/guardian email list and set Google Classroom Guardian Summaries ON. BINGO - you're in business all thanks to this
Google Form Template Freebie! 

Not sure it gets any easier than this. Feel free to download yo…
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Power Write Data Tracking Sheet Freebie

I told you I would post it and here it is! These late season snows have brought a few snow days to those of us in Kentucky. Not to mention a few others things going on down in Frankfort town. I'll save that spill for another day. Right now, here is the link to your
Power Write Data Tracking Sheet FREEBIE!

Because sharing is caring (will force copy)!

You can use this tracking sheet to push out to students so that they can track their progress on their POWER WRITES.

If you missed the lowdown on this writing strategy, you can find itHERE.

Trust me when I say that this is a GAME CHANGER in improving student writing speeds & accuracy. If you use this regularly throughout the school year with your students, chances are you will see marked improvement in student writing speeds, which comes in handy on those (pesky) timed writing tests. At least this was what I've witnessed in my own classroom and use of regular Power Writes.

In my class, Fridays are POWER UP DAYS because we ALWAY…

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Using Mnemonics to Teach Students to Think & Write Quickly

Roy G. Biv...Every Good Bird Does Sing...My Dear Aunt Sally...

Sound familiar? They probably do. These are examples of mnemonics we all memorized to learn key pieces of information in various subjects. And not just memorize concepts, but  they help us to remember things quickly.

If they work for art, music, and math why can't they work for learning key concepts in writing? 

They can and if your student writers are struggling with memorizing parts of any writing, then you should give mnemonics a try! 

You know those pesky writing timed writing tests? Yeah, me too. I feel your pain & so do our students. Regardless of which writing test your students take, if it's like the one my students take, they are required to think & write quickly to even have a chance at finishing a complete writing. Oh, and we want them to not just write & finish but to write well. 

Too much to ask? It can't be done you say? I always thought so till I started using the best old-school secret to…

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Student Goal-Setting Template

Growth mindset initiative has put the spotlight back on students to transform how they see themselves as learners. It is a hopeful, can-do, never-give-up attitude. One of the mechanisms that is often used, sometimes required by schools, admin, or districts, as part of a growth mindset agenda is to put responsibility back onto the student for setting yearly S.M.A.R.T. goals with clearly identifiable steps toward those big goals.

At the middle school level, you can talk and say all you want about anything, and as great as it may be, they won't think another thing about it until it's written down or recorded somewhere. This is where the STUDENT GOAL-SETTING GOOGLE SLIDE DECK TEMPLATE came into my head. The slide deck format is perfect tool because it's different from just another Google Doc that we normally use in my English writing class. And always as a teacher, my immediate thoughts were to create a template that was useful, first of all, for students to record their year…