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Freebie: Device User Agreement

Got Devices in Your Classroom? Need a User Agreement for Students & Parents?Freebie Alert for a Device User Agreement
I use an agreement each year for students & parents to sign. This is an important part of my device management program for the class set of Chromebooks that stay in my room. This usage agreement will work for other devices too. Since it's fully editable, you can change the word Chromebook with whatever device you are using. Plus, you can edit any other part of the agreement to suit your needs. 
This agreement is important for a few reasons.
1. It states clearly what the expectations, rules, & consequences for student behavior while using a device in my classroom.There are no questions. It's all there in black & white on the paper they sign. No arguments and no excuses for students or parents to say they didn't know.

2. It's documentation that I have a device management system in place. This documentation is important for my administrators a…

1:1 Device Implementation in My Classroom: What I learned The Hard Way

Going 1:1 Next Year? 5 TIPS FOR THE 1:1 Device Classroom

The 5 Most Important Lessons I Learned After 1:1 Device
Implementation in My Classroom So your classroom is going 1:1 with Chromebooks or another device next school year?
Awesome! Congratulations! It will transform your teaching and the experience your students
have with learning. I have had a 1:1 Chromebook classroom for two years now.
When I think about when I first got them I realize that I didn’t have a clue about how to
manage 32 Chromebooks. I made a lot of mistakes and have learned some important lessons
through trial & error.

If I were going 1:1 today, these are the most important things I’d want someone to tell
me. Lucky for you, I’m passing these tips and TWO freebies on to my subscribers. The tips are in the
post below. To receive the two freebies, find the three lines at the top to open the side panel.
Scroll down to the “sign up by email” box and enter your information. I don’t share your information
and you can unsu…

Personal Development for Teachers: How to Make the Most of Your Time This Summer

Some Personal Development Time: How to Make the Most of Your Time This Summer!

As teachers, we are natural list makers. There's no other group of people on this planet that are masters of to-do lists like teachers. I'm sure you already have a list, even if it's still in your head, for things you absolutely want to accomplish over the summer time. Before my last day this year, I had already scribbled a few things I wanted to get done this summer. I'm sure we all have some of the same things...revise, update lesson/unit plans. organize & update my Google Drive, clean out and pack up my classroom, some PD reading. Besides these things that we do every summer without question, what else do you plan to do with your time this summer? It seems as if that time just flies by, doesn't it? Here's where this post comes in handy. Whether you are looking for one, a few, or as many as ten things to add to your summer to-do/activity list, this post …