Power Write Data Tracking Sheet Freebie

I told you I would post it and here it is! These late season snows have brought a few snow days to those of us in Kentucky. Not to mention a few others things going on down in Frankfort town. I'll save that spill for another day. Right now, here is the link to your
Power Write Data Tracking Sheet FREEBIE!

Because sharing is caring (will force copy)!

You can use this tracking sheet to push out to students so that they can track their progress on their POWER WRITES.

If you missed the lowdown on this writing strategy, you can find it HERE.

Trust me when I say that this is a GAME CHANGER in improving student writing speeds & accuracy. If you use this regularly throughout the school year with your students, chances are you will see marked improvement in student writing speeds, which comes in handy on those (pesky) timed writing tests. At least this was what I've witnessed in my own classroom and use of regular Power Writes.

In my class, Fridays are POWER UP DAYS because we ALWAYS POWER WRITE. When the students are getting ready for the Friday Power Write, I play an inspirational song meant to power them up for the power write. Jump over to my YOU TUBE POWER WRITE PLAYLIST IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS STRATEGY TOO. I can't tell you the improvement and not just writing speed & accuracy I've seen, but in students' levels of motivation for this strategy as well. Like I said, GAME CHANGERS!

Today's FREEBIE is also on my TPT store.

Enjoy today's freebie! Be sure to follow me on social media & by email to ensure you receive notifications of any new freebies I post! Many more coming soon!

Happy data tracking & power writing!

Mrs. B


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