Freebie: Device User Agreement


Got Devices in Your Classroom? Need a User Agreement for Students & Parents?

  Freebie Alert for a Device User Agreement

I use an agreement each year for students & parents to sign. This is an important part of my device management program for the class set of Chromebooks that stay in my room. This usage agreement will work for other devices too. Since it's fully editable, you can change the word Chromebook with whatever device you are using. Plus, you can edit any other part of the agreement to suit your needs. 

This agreement is important for a few reasons.

1. It states clearly what the expectations, rules, & consequences for student behavior while using a device in my classroom.There are no questions. It's all there in black & white on the paper they sign. No arguments and no excuses for students or parents to say they didn't know.

2. It's documentation that I have a device management system in place. This documentation is important for my administrators and again - parents. Often, it is the building administrators who deal one-on-one with parent concerns, complaints, etc...I always provide my administrators a copy of my device usage agreement so that if the situation arises, they have a copy already to refer to. There's no waiting to call me to ask about how I manage student behavior when it comes to device usage. They have the answers already to any concerns or questions that parents may have.

Sound like something you need or might use next school year? If so, find the JOIN BY EMAIL box and sign up as a subscriber and I will email you the link to my 2019-2020 School Year Usage Device Agreement. The sign up box can be found if you scroll down this page or if you click the 3 lines at the top of the page to expand the left side menu. Either way you sign up, you'll get yourself on a great list to receive notifications when new articles are posted here including any new freebies that I frequently post. I don't share your information or email, but you can always check out my privacy policy page to know exactly how it works. You can also choose to unsubscribe easily and at any time.

If you're looking for a device agreement to use for next year, you've found it! Just get on my list of subscribers and the email with the link to my usage agreement will soon hit your email box.

Thanks for reading what Mrs. Brumfield Writes. 


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